ELECTRIC VEHICLES & My Tesla Model 3 Review

Publikováno dne 30.03.2021

I FINALLY bought my first Electric Vehicle (EV) and it happens to be a Tesla Model 3! So, let’s look at EV cars in general and see if this Tesla thing is any good.
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

0:00 Look What I Bought!
0:53 Why to by an Electric Vehicle
3:36 Why I bought a Tesla Model 3
5:54 Testing Tesla’s Collision Avoidance
6:48 Test Drive the Tesla and Self-Driving
10:19 Regenerative Braking and Travel Range
13:25 Price of Gas Compared to Electricity
14:33 Charging an Electric Vehicle
16:34 Final Thoughts on Tesla’s Properties

Runtime 00:19:04

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